Coffee-minded Lviv

All the coffee lovers should be in Western Ukraine tomorrow, on 23.09.11. For 3 days Lviv invites for its fifth annual Coffee festival!

This UNESCO declared city is guilty in my 5 years old coffee addiction. This historical event happened in 2006, when Lviv celebrated its 750th anniversary. I came to the city to join the joy, being hopeless coffee hater. But in this European looking town they have some kind of cult for the dark drink. I just couldn’t resist local coffee stream, surrounding the city. One traditional cup of strong joey with yolk topping was silly enough for me for give up. Lviv seduced me with its taste first and only after opened its best. To be honest, since than I have my own romance with the city, which started out from a cup of coffee.

Indeed, so popular aroma jamoke conquered Lviv in 1684, when a local Yuriy Kulchitskiy opened the first cafe in Vienna named ‘‘Hof zur Blauen Flasche’’ (=under the blue bottle). Such a name you will find in Lviv as well together with legendary recipe of Viennese coffee invented by Mr. Kulchitskiy. As a tribute to this event, Lviv decided to relive its coffee traditions by inventing the coffee festival. What else can be better than warming up in rainy autumn days, especially in such an appropriate place for this – in the coffee capital of Ukraine?

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2 thoughts on “Coffee-minded Lviv

  1. Is it true that Lviv is a St. Pete of Ukraine?

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