We’ll always have Paris…

This is a name of second (and still the latest) episode of a brand new series PAN AM in which four young stewardesses went to French capital for work and with hope to find some romantic adventures. The phrase was borrowed from legendary movie Casablanca. You can love or hate Paris, but you just can’t leave it without your own story.

Few years ago I came back to Paris again, after a month trip in Spain. I had there only a day, due to a gap in flights. The first thing to do is to get rid of luggage, which seems quite problematic. The only possible idea is to leave it in a small box for a few workers of shuttle bus service. Everyone refused, except an afro-American guy, who smiled like a Hollywood actor. The deal is: I have my time till 7 p.m. and my luggage is in a safe place. After a lovely summer walk withing the main highlights I came back to the office in agreed time. Mr. Stranger just finished his work and invited me for city tour in his car. Why not? Eiffel tower, Sacré-Cœur and  Champs-Élysées mixed together, like a cocktail. He is 22, he lives outside the city and love to ride a helicopter. I  am 17, I have a boyfriend and like to travel. Only the last was true. It was a friendly talk near unknown fountain about his current break up and plans for living in USA. He invited me for Rom crepes bought on the street. I had time till 5 a.m. and truly saying I didn’t want to spend a night in scary Charles de Gaulle Airport. Mr. Stranger was working there some time ago and also didn’t recommend me to stay in that gloomy place. Eiffel tower just switched its lights together with night chic of Paris. By a weird reason all night clubs nearby work only till 2 p.m.  So Mr. Stranger proposed me to go to his place for spending the time in a warm house. Of course I normally think twice or even more before making any decision. But this time I just trust this person, who just want to be nice in sometimes dangerous Paris. He ask me to be very calm, as he live with parents in a private house. The first time in my life I am going to a house of a person I barely know in the middle of the night. In the area of Disney Land we stopped – looks like we arrived. A huge private area with some houses, golf fields, racetrack and restaurant (famous among actors) – that is how the neighborhood of Mr. Stranger is look like. In his small room we drunk tea with melon, talk about everything whispering and after all I fall asleep. In one hour he woke me up and we went to the airport. Suddenly my French friend said ‘I need to confess. I lied…I am 27 years old, not 22’. I answered ‘That’s fine. I am also not 17, but 5 years older’. We were laughing. Inside the airport he bought me some chocolate and promised to show me Paris from his helicopter next time. We said good-bye like old friends…

I am sure that everyone has own story about Paris. Most of you have romantic memories, am I right? But Paris is not always about kisses and hugs. For me it is all about friendship.

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11 thoughts on “We’ll always have Paris…

  1. Roman A Chimpsky says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Paris…swinging from post-to-post at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. Hope to do that one day.

    Love the pics. Looking forward to more with your blog.


  2. Esther says:

    I don’t have no story about Paris but i’ll have it soon. I’ve wanted to visit Paris since i was a teenager, and finally i got it, i’ll go to Paris next month!!

    • maiboroda says:

      My congrats, Esther!! Please drop off few words about your impressions from the trip:) And have a great time in the city of love:)

      • Esther says:

        I’ll tell you my feelings but I can tell you some, I’m looking forward to the travel, i’m nervous and excited!!

  3. tanet05 says:

    Oh…I’ve just read your story…It’s thrilling!!!and I want you to know I have very interesting and a bit similar story…Really, French people are much friendlier that I’ve heard before..Paris is place where happiness begins…

  4. Pavel says:

    Good story, Paris is really romantic place. When we arrived Paris late evening, in the morning we went from our hotel and everythere there were our national flag. We had much fun about such surprice as we didn’t want anybody know about our visit (I don’t like paparazzy and strongly wanted to keep our visit in mystery :P) – but still -our national flag greatfulled us! ..OK, the real think that it was because of our president who arrive IN Paris the same time.

  5. Esther says:

    I enjoy in th Louvre Museum, especially with Egipcian and Babilonian collections. I taste snails and frog legs cooked on French way. I speak a little French (I know very very little). I visit some monuments, I love the view from Eiffel Tower drinking a glass of champagne at night. I walk along the streets and I see the most expensive shops in the world and… a lot of homeless, a normal father and son sleeping on the street at nigth, near the trash bins. Paris, city of contrasts and life.

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