Kiev. I. Love. You…

If I were a Director, I would create a film about Kiev. Let it be a cliche name “I love you”, used in movies about Paris and New York. But this will prove the attitude of many inhabitants and visitors. And everyone have they own reasons for loving Ukrainian capital. If you have such, please be so kind to share them here. Why do you love Kiev?

I will answer first. I love it for the childish spirit after the walk in the area of Pejzazhnaya Alley (literary Landscape alley).

 I was working not far from this hidden  corner of colorful benches and swings, made of tiles. And every time after a hard day I was passing by the alley. And this place always helped to forget the problems and to feel like Alice in Wonderland. By the way, recently a playground for children appeared, which gathered the main characters from the Lewis Carroll’s book in one place. Only Alice is missing. Maybe it should be you, or me?

 The idea to decorate an alley in such a brilliant way belongs to Ukrainian sculptor Konstantin Skretytskyj. Due to support of locals and sponsors the childish world turned alive. I love to hide in rabbit-looking bench in the rain and enjoy the view to hilly surroundings while drops whispering its fairy tales.

 And why do you love Kiev?


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4 thoughts on “Kiev. I. Love. You…

  1. Aleksandr Vydoliob says:

    Great place! Great spirit! Walking on historical part of the downtown you can hardly expect to find this place alongside always busy Velyka Zhytomyrska Str. But when you turn into “Pejzazhka” you can meet your unconcern childhood and best students years. Thanks for this article, Natasha!

  2. Elina says:

    hanks for this article, dear)
    I Love kiev..
    I could not decide for my self before. But I can say now, that it is the Great spirit city with all it’s inconvenience with roads and unreasonable traffic, badly planned junctions and amazingly decorated buildings (Reytarskaya str, Pejzazhnaya, Budinok s Khymerami, etc.), wide Khreshatyk and brilliant churches,.. i miss all of it, because it is so “warm” and “welcoming”, “alive” + memories of cause:)
    I would say, that Kiev is one of the most beautiful and welcoming cities in the world.
    We just miss good roads) So much green, so much fun, so much peace, so much young and creative people)
    I am so happy every time I land at Boryspil airport.


    • maiboroda says:

      Thank you for your great emotions in the comment, Elina!
      Only your words are enough for people to pack a luggage and visit Kiev. Do you think this feelings city rise so strongly only after a temporary break with the town?

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