Moscow: The chances are.

I have a friend who wouldn’t dare to live or even visit Moscow. He always finds a reason to skip a trip to Russian capital. And he has been doing it successfully for over 40 years. I also was this kind of person. Thinking about Moscow, I imagine something crowded, grand and red. The same feeling I had about National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv. While I was denying a single chance of studying there, a destiny had its own opinion and made me a student of “red University”. I am afraid the history is repeating, but instead of University, Moscow joins my game this time . What are my chances to win?

I was in Moscow 5 times. The first one happened when I was a student and I disliked it very much, even if I had the best guides ever. By the way, one of them became my fiancé. Second time I didn’t enjoy the spirit of the city, but also didn’t mind it. The next two times were dedicated to apartment search. And my 5th visit turned into my moving from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

If more than 15 millions of people settled here, there must to be a reason! Money, money, money…This magic word of modern society makes your eyes close to all inconveniences. And when you have it, Moscow starts to be a paradise for spending. Entertainment, shopping, restaurants… Luckily I’ve visited Hong Kong and realized that Moscow looks like a shy shop in comparison with “mega shopping mall called Hong Kong”. The temptation to spend all money here is not a fear anymore. There are more dangerous places for this.

It’s true, that life here is expensive. To rent an apartment is twice as expensive than in St. Petersburg and 10 times than in Kyiv. Initially we wanted to dedicate only 2 days for searching a flat, but in the end we stayed 1 week longer. And during this time we saw only 13 variants. Seems like realtors don’t bother to find more than 3 apartments and owners don’t think about any repair  – they propose a primitive shelter. They know that in 1-3 days someone will rent it anyway, so why to aim to please you? Having faced this problem, I can share few advices. First of all, deal with minimum 4 realtors – this guarantees that you will see more options. In some cases, the prices from different realtors can be different, so you’d better be prepared. And if you finally find appropriate apartment, don’t think too long or you gonna miss it.

I’ve noticed that if you are a visitor in Moscow, you hate the crowd and traffic  jams, but when you become a resident, you just get used to it. And even a  turbulent mob in the metro looks not such unfriendly. Indeed, people can be helpful! …contrary to the rumors that they never say a pleasant word on your question. On the other hand, mostly no one will show you needed direction on the street – that’s because not so many know Moscow good enough to remember the streets by heart.

Many cities have their own colour: Amsterdam looks brown to me, Kyiv – gold, but Moscow – always red. And not even due to the main sight in the city, which is Kremlin. Looks like they just adore this colour and use it in book stores, factories and shops. Have a look!

When I moved in here, Moscow met me with unbelievable sunset over frozen Moskva river. After that I don’t remember any warm day, only a bit warmer than -15C. But the whole Europe struggles now from the frost. So they should finally understand what a real winter is.

It is not a secret, that Moscow is a place for opportunities. It’s easy to find a job here, more difficult to set own business and almost impossible to deserve your place in the fame alley. But there are chances. And I am ready to take them from Moscow!

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2 thoughts on “Moscow: The chances are.

  1. Tymoshenko says:

    Nata, thank you for the exciting description! Now Moscow became closer for me.
    I’m going to visit Moscov this summer during etno festival “Wild mint” to be held in June. Hope to see you there!

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