Traveline: behind the scenes

Long years of travel, diffucult shots, inetresting interviews, friendly people and happy moments resulted in our travel documentaries ‘Traveline’ and ’24 Hours‘. After I found our series on 2 Russian channels (Телепутешествия and Телепутешествия HD) I decided that this is time to reveal some secrets of our work. Our program “24 Hours” (episodes: Copenhagen, Bergen, Tallinn, Porto, Valencia, Valletta) as of today is being broadcast in Russia, at 4 PM and 4 AM you can watch them on mentioned channels. We are happy to share our small victory and huge happiness with you! Here are our 3 years of filming, which already became a history.

Let me introduce you our team. Yes, there are actually 3 constant workers in Zemia Media2 brothers from Spain and I am, a girl from Ukraine. Marcos was the one, who made it happen – he financed the idea to create travel documentaries. Santi was the rest – initiator of idea, owner of the company, cameraman, editor and more. And I was in charge of production (pre and post), also a TV presenter. I would say, that actually this is possible to create good films, which will be cast on TV and will be shown for so many people, only with a team of 3.

Our first try was filmed in Ukraine, just after my graduation. I didn’t know how to act and what to say, but I knew my country and did my best to present it good. In the end this try turned into 50 minutes of film. We had 2 weeks for travel all the way from Kiew to Kamyanets-Podilskiy, Lviv, Odessa, Crimea. We used mostly trains and marshrutka, we met there our friend Vincent, who became a part of team. Indeed, he looks like Steven Spielberg, so we already got some celebrities in work:)

It was interesting to notice that Ukraine is actually popular (exotic) for tourist, even if English language is not well-spread here. Indeed, I had to pretend that I was not from here and I had to distort some words to show that I don’t know Ukrainian language.

I remember that it was absolutely hot in Odessa and I jumped into fountain near Opera houst. But suddenly a policeman came and took me from the water. We have this funny moment filmed.

Next destinations was more exotic for me. We went to the Canary islands, Serbia (with Kosovo), Basque country, Bavaria, Malta, Estonia, Montenegro, Microstates, Iceland etc. Iceland became my favourite place, I still have it in mind when someone pronounce the word ”fairy tale”. I will dedicate several posts about it later. But it was a great strugle with nature, I mean changable weather and midnight sun. When its almost everytime a day, you don’t have to sleep at all, but later you will face lack of energy! We did film both ice and fire of Iceland. For me, it is my favourite documentary!

 In Montenegro we met Nemanja, who helped us so much! Normally we try to contact couchserfers, as they are friendly and eager to show some wonderful places, which you can’t find in travel guides. Also its a good apportunity to live a bit in local environment with local people. Nemanja hosted us, helped with bureaucratic formalities regarding filming in national parks (yes, we need to ask for permissions everytime) and he agreed to be my guide in the film. Sometimes we interviewed couchsurfers, so you can spot your friends in our films.

You might think that this is very easy and cool to make travel documentaries. It’s not easy at all! But cool:) Personaly I had to fight with my fear of flying for this project, I had to try kijking (Estonian crazy sport) and I did diving in february (even it was in Canaries, my body was shaking from cold). During filming ’24 hours2 in Milan we were robbed, all our luggage gone woth wind (details here).  But those are moments to remember!

I am grateful for Zemia to be part of this! And I would like to thank you, who appreciate our work!

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