Moscow-Istanbul: a jump to new life

Every girl dreams about a perfect wedding. But not me. I never wanted to get married and my friends can proove that I was against any weddings in my life. But I just met a right person, who changed my mind. And without any special preparation or efforts we got a perfect red-letter day on 14th of September. We choose a restaurant quite fast, we picked our rings and honeymoon destination without thinking. But the only one I wanted the most, apart from my husband, was a car. Once I saw it in one Moscow’s street I desired it for our important event. It was an old (designed in 1988) Russian mini-car called Oka. Yes, the one with only 2 doors. But that one was covered with colorful knitted blanket, that reminded me some kind of fairy tale. And I wanted to have it in our own story.

From a traditional wedding we had white dress (for me) and black-and-white uniform (for Max), a lot of flowers and official ceremony in the oldest registry office in Moscow. There was also white Mercedes for me and my family, which brought us to the place where I had change my status. This procedure took some 15 min, but twice more to wait for our turn. Inside a big hall we signed the paper and while we passed all needed formalities to become from just a couple to married couple an orchestra played on electronic piano and other un-serious musicial instruments. Than by the ordinary scenario our dear guests (family and witnesses) congratulated us and gave flowers – so many, that my arms couldn’t cope with holding all the fragrant bouquets. Outside we had champagne to turn the official situation into more relaxed. Just at that moment our magical automobile came to pick my husband and me to a restaurant. Bright and funny car immediately catched everyone’s attention! Not only our guests smiled, but everyone who passed by. The workers of registry office looked out the window and forgot about their work. Definately, that car was a bright moment in our wedding!

By the way, this masterpiese belongs to a shop called ”Tрикотаж клуб’‘ (literary ”Knitwear Club”), situated in the centre of Moscow, near Kitaj Gorod metro station (4 Pokrovka str.). The first time I saw this shop, they catched me with bright knitted toys and flowers on its entrance. Later they added this car, so noone could pass by. Even if you are not up for buying any knitted cloth (from Russia, France, Japan, Finland etc.), make a visit inside. Does this shop remind you a museum? They have so many details to entertain! Like table surrounded with colourful toys, holding tea pots, berries and cake – everything is knitted. The person who made all those decorations lays on the shop’s windowsill with headphones and knites. He spent 10 days to make a stylish cloth for our wedding car. And we were the first ones who get it for our special day, as they never got such propositions before. I am happy to think that it was the first knitted wedding in Moscow.

And I was happy to have a ride from the ceremony place to the celebration point (restaurant), because almost every car greeted us and gave us way in never-ending Moscow’s traffic jam. Tired passing by people were smilling, seeing us. Our car was close to boiling, the smoke came out of car’s hood, but in the end we came to the restaurant almost the first ones. It was such a great moment, which everyone will remember for ages!

The restaurant part passed very friendly, just like in a family circle. But we stayed with our guests for 3 hours only and escaped from celebration to the airport in our wedding dresses. We got so many good wishes from people we saw for the first time in our life – even in the plane stewardesses passed greets. One even said, that she also traveled to her honeymoon in her wedding dress, but she changed her cloth inside lavatory room. My dress was on me the whole day in Moscow, at 10000 m above the ground and in Istanbul. This city with European character and Asian traditions we chose to spent our first vacation in our new status. To be continued…

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4 thoughts on “Moscow-Istanbul: a jump to new life

  1. Daria Golub says:

    Amazing event! Farytale came true ) congratulations and best wishes for your new family!

  2. megalagom says:

    Beautiful!! Love your dress and the car- and the story!

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