My first exhibition

Dear friends,

I would like to invite you to my first personal photo exhibition!

Maiboroda Photography

Artists used to say, that any work they create is like their own child. In such a case I am mother of many children. Seven of them are hanging on the black walls in Moscow’ center, in Cafe Receptor (B. Kozihinsky lane, 10) till 20th of June..

Maiboroda PhotographyThe place where I demonstrate my favourite pictures was choosen with a reason: first of all Cafe Receptor is one of my favourite cafes in Moscow. Secondly, it look like a cosy art gallery. And the third, it is situated near special place called Patriarch ponds. I like to escape there for inspiration. Now the result of my inspiration escaped back.

Maiboroda PhotographyFor the exhibition I choose 7 photographs, that show different parts of our planet and reflect the power and beauty of nature. People on the pictures harmonically interact with landsapes. Even if there are two persons, they are lonely and concentrated on their own world.

Maiboroda PhotographyHere are the demonstrated pictures:

Portugal. Temporary fingerprints.

Kamchatka. The way of life.

Cambodia. Inner silence.

St. Petersburg. Winter lullaby.

Iceland. Icelandic folk.

Iceland. Walking on a rainbow.

Kamchatka. On the edge.

In case you can’t visit the exhibition, you are welcome to my site

But I still be very glad to welcome you to cafe Receptor! Thank you!

Maiboroda Photography

Address: Moscow, Bolshoy Kozihinsky lane, 10.

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