Fringe birthday!

I can’t believe that my blog just turned 2 years! Let’s celebrate it fringe way!

Fringe Festival. Photo by MaiborodaWhen someone acts crazy on the street, you call him at least a strange person. When everybody act crazy on the street, you are a strange person here. You can’t be normal in August in Edinburgh, because it is time for Fringe Festival (!

Fringe Festival. Photo by MaiborodaFew weeks ago together with my husband I visited the capital of Scotland. It was a birthday trip – Maxim wanted to celebrate his holiday in Edinburgh. Without any clue we choose the hottest time for coming here. And weather was not a reason for warm atmosphere. For three weeks (2-26 August this year) Edinburgh turns into melting pot for arts. During August the city looks like a huge venue for the largest arts festival in the world!

Fringe Festival. Photo by MaiborodaShame on me, but I never heard about this event before! Only when we decided to book a hotel in advance (2 month prior the trip), we faced a lack of rooms. The intuition told me that something was just not right, because even in the high season you may get a great variety of hotels, even one month before check-in.

Fringe Festival. Photo by MaiborodaBut of course! The reason was Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Its story dates back to 1947, when eight theatre groups turned up uninvited to perform at the Edinburgh International Festival, an initiative created to celebrate and enrich European cultural life in the wake of the Second World War. Outsiders got upset, but not too much for giving up. Performers went ahead and staged their shows anyway. Years later other people followed their example and their fringe acting resulted into the Festival Fringe Society, which was created in in 1958.

Fringe Festival. Photo by MaiborodaThe festival, that almost left us without a roof, gathers thousands of artists and actors from all over the world. Professionals and amateurs perform every day. Actually every hour! Unbelievable, how thick is the Fringe catalogue that offers you a truly great variety of performances! Every minute there is something to be seen: concerts, opera, theater performance, dance and physical theater, comedy etc.

Fringe Festival. Photo by MaiborodaWhen you don’t know what to choose, act like us. We went to High Street and drifted among hundreds of actors, who advertised their plays. Some of them shouted, others sang and danced. In other words, we found ourselves in artistic madness. I felt there like at home there.

Fringe Festival. Photo by MaiborodaDuring 4 days we attended 4 performances and all of them were so much different from each other! I could lie and say, that I liked them all. But I wouldn’t. We were hesitating whom to choose from few thousands of comedians, so we trusted reviews from the catalogue. One of them praised some Alex Williamson. The combination of words “global youtube sensations” made its trick, so we prepared to humorous evening. I don’t remember hearing worst dirty humor that the other night! Luckily they gave us tickets for free due to pre-opening of the festival. Normally the price starts from 5 GBP, depending on performence and venue.

Fringe Festival. Photo by MaiborodaThey say try luck other time. Next play, called “Alice in Wonderland” was surprisingly good. The same as “Tea at five” – a story about Katherine Hepburn. But my favorite is a play called “The Peculiar tale of Pablo Picasso and the Mona Lisa”. Young and talented guys made me laught and admire, which happens not so often. By the way, one of the actresses was a copy of model Cara Delevingne. Is she tries herself everywhere today?

Fringe Festival. Photo by Maiboroda

Unbelievable how many people becoming a part of art during the festival! And even if you do not like to attend theater, during Fringe you don’t have a choice. Art is everywhere!

Fringe Festival. Photo by MaiborodaFringe Festival. Photo by MaiborodaFringe Festival. Photo by MaiborodaFringe Festival. Photo by Maiboroda Fringe Festival. Photo by Maiboroda Fringe Festival. Photo by Maiboroda Fringe Festival. Photo by Maiboroda

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