Sochi: Christmas mood


Caucasus, Russia. Photo by Natalia Maiboroda

It is hot in Moscow. In Saint-Petersburg, where I will celebrate New Year 2017, it is raining. In Alps there is no snow. If your Christmas mood depends on the weather, like my mood, you should go to Sochi. 



The winter fairytale. Photo by Natalia Maiboroda.

Unexpectedly the mountain resorts in Sochi are cover with snow. Locals say, that they don’t remember such snowing December. Usually the skiing season starts here in February-March and lasts till May.



Caucasus mountains.

I spent the last three days in mountain resort called Gorki Gorod. It is located in Sochi on Greater Caucasus Mountain Range foothills. The road from Sochi’ airport to this place takes around 40-60 minutes.



Gorki Gorod, Sochi (Russia). The altitude is 1,500 m. Photo by Natalia Maiboroda.

On your way you will pass several tunnels. The last one is called “summer-winter tunnel”. At least locals call it like that, because you enter the tunnel in summer, but after 5 km drive under the mountain you exit in totally different weather conditions. Basically, this tunnel is the gate to winter.


Rosa Khutor resort. Photo by Natalia Maiboroda

The resort Gorki Gorod is situated in several levels. The majority of hotels and shops are located at the altitude of 540 m. From here you can take a cable car to the next level (960 m).


Rosa Khutor resort is very touristic. I prefer neighboring Gorki Gorod.

At the altitude of 960 m there is newly built town. Its three streets host hotels, restaurant and cafes. No wander it is crowded, because from here the cable car will bring you to ski slopes.


2,200 m high. In 5 minutes they will not allow anyone to use cable car to ascent because of storm. Photo by Natalia Maiboroda

The fun begins at 1500 m heigh. From here freeriding slopes start. Locals assure that it is the best place in Sochi for free ride. The nearby Black sea makes the snow soft, which is ideal condition for this kind of sport.


Snow storm.

You can lift further up to 2200 m above sea level. When I went out the cable car, I couldn’t believe that some 5 minutes ago on the lower level it was sunny. Here the heavy wind and snow didn’t allow me to open my eyes. On my way back the wind shaked my cable car, like it was some kind of a leaf. In fact, after us they closed the cable lift and didn’t allow anyone to ascent because of storm.


Happy New Year, friends!

So if you want some snow and strong emotions, ypu know where you can find them. Have a fantastic New Year!

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