Istanbul: present and perfect

Photo by Natalia Maiboroda

Bird’s view between Europe and Asia. Photo by Natalia Maiboroda

Damn, I adore this city. It gives, what most of European towns can’t – never-ending energy that pulsing 24 hours. But also it doesn’t make you tired with its millions of inhabitants, like Asian big cities do. Istanbul has magnificent treasures from the past. But also it gives you the feeling of the present. The perfect combination.
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Switzerland: speed-up laziness

Photo of Natalia Maiboroda

Photo of Natalia Maiboroda

When it comes to Switzerland, imagination brings to mind pacify picture without rush or over-hastiness. In a country, where time has stopped, they build a machine to accelerate the pace. I visited the world’s largest particle collider – Large Hadron Collider – just before it has restarted since long pause.

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Patagonia: Fifty shades of blue

Photo by Maiboroda

Photo by Natalia Maiboroda

44 hours from Buenos Aires by bus and you are in the tip of Argentina – chilly and severe land. In other words, in small town El Calafate, which is situated closer to Antarctica than to the capital. This place is so isolated from the rest of the country, that you can easily describe it as being “in the middle of nowhere”. El Calafate lives off tourism due to world-famous attraction called Perito Moreno. This breathtaking glacier is just 80 km away.

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Fringe birthday!

I can’t believe that my blog just turned 2 years! Let’s celebrate it fringe way!

Fringe Festival. Photo by MaiborodaWhen someone acts crazy on the street, you call him at least a strange person. When everybody act crazy on the street, you are a strange person here. You can’t be normal in August in Edinburgh, because it is time for Fringe Festival (! Continue reading

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Geneva: swan lake

Geneva by N. MaiborodaThe ballet “Swan lake” has four acts – just lhe same quantity of days I spent in Swiss city. It was 4 days of french language, french cuisine and swiss swank. Also it was 4 days of changing my opinion about Switzerland. Before I hated it.  Continue reading

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My first exhibition

Dear friends,

I would like to invite you to my first personal photo exhibition!

Maiboroda Photography

Artists used to say, that any work they create is like their own child. In such a case I am mother of many children. Seven of them are hanging on the black walls in Moscow’ center, in Cafe Receptor (B. Kozihinsky lane, 10) till 20th of June..
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Havana: sex, drugs and salsa

Havana. Photo by MaiborodaCuba was such a “mission impossible” for me! I am not talking about distance or price. I mean visa issue. This was the only time I screw up before the trip. In other words, this is a story about risking, lying to the customs and finding out illegal part of Cuba.

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LvivNormally there are 2 scenarios for spending winter holidays for Ukrainians and Russians. First is to go skiing to Alps. Second – is to escape from cold days to sunny countries. This winter I was out of the scenario, as I went to my favourite Lviv. Western Ukrainian city looks like Europe due to its architecture, but it doesn’t have any ski resorts within the town. It was warm for us, but weather has nothing to do with it – tasty local coffee made us feel hot. This is actually why I came here – to drink the tasties coffee in Ukraine. And to discover missed details, as Lviv always has something new to surprise.

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San Marino: Christmas on the top

Photo by Natalia MaiborodaNo, you will not find any sea in this country, even if it may sounds that the name refers to water. Also you will not find here any border fence, even if San Marino is an independent country inside Italy. With a size about 61 km2 it became more that a weekend escape from nearby summer resort Rimini, but also one of the reasons to visit Italy.  Continue reading

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Tonle Sap: Big fish

If the main character of Tim Burton’s film, played by Ewan McGregor, came to the biggest lake in Cambodia, he would definately catch extremely big fish or even an aligator. At least locals told me that when it is a rain season, an agressive reptile is most likely to be fished. With this optimistic note, our small boat drifted inside red waters to see how cambodian ”Venice” looks like.  Continue reading

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