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Moscow-Istanbul: a jump to new life

Every girl dreams about a perfect wedding. But not me. I never wanted to get married and my friends can proove that I was against any weddings in my life. But I just met a right person, who changed my mind. And without any special preparation or efforts we got a perfect red-letter day on 14th of September. We choose a restaurant quite fast, we picked our rings and honeymoon destination without thinking. But the only one I wanted the most, apart from my husband, was a car. Once I saw it in one Moscow’s street I desired it for our important event. It was an old (designed in 1988) Russian mini-car called Oka. Yes, the one with only 2 doors. But that one was covered with colorful knitted blanket, that reminded me some kind of fairy tale. And I wanted to have it in our own story. Continue reading

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We’ll always have Paris…

This is a name of second (and still the latest) episode of a brand new series PAN AM in which four young stewardesses went to French capital for work and with hope to find some romantic adventures. The phrase was borrowed from legendary movie Casablanca. You can love or hate Paris, but you just can’t leave it without your own story.

Few years ago I came back to Paris again, after a month trip in Spain. Continue reading

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