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Istanbul: present and perfect

Photo by Natalia Maiboroda

Bird’s view between Europe and Asia. Photo by Natalia Maiboroda

Damn, I adore this city. It gives, what most of European towns can’t – never-ending energy that pulsing 24 hours. But also it doesn’t make you tired with its millions of inhabitants, like Asian big cities do. Istanbul has magnificent treasures from the past. But also it gives you the feeling of the present. The perfect combination.
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Istanbul – a trip between two continents

Istanbul was my Birthday present from my boyfriend. We had there 5 days, but this time I would like to mention only the birthday itself. We did something in Istanbul that is just impossible to do anywhere else. We made a trip from Europe to Asia in one hour and jumped in 5th century. Continue reading

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Kiev. I. Love. You…

If I were a Director, I would create a film about Kiev. Let it be a cliche name “I love you”, used in movies about Paris and New York. But this will prove the attitude of many inhabitants and visitors. And everyone have they own reasons for loving Ukrainian capital. If you have such, please be so kind to share them here. Why do you love Kiev?

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Oktoberfest – 200 years old party.

Photo by Natalia MaiborodaIn a few days the biggest party in the world will start. At least that’s how they call Oktoberfest! Everyone in Munich will have a great excuse to be drunk from 17th of September till 3rd of October. Normally this annual festival  lasts 16-18 days, including the first Sunday in October. Last year I was there for its anniversary – 200th Oktoberfest. Continue reading

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Hello world, I’m your word.

Some of my articles are here.      It’s [00:38], 10th of September 2011…

…A date when I start my blog. My passion of traveling turned into my work and a way of life. Just a year ago (10.09.10) I quited hospitality industry in Kiev and went to Venice Film Festival the next day. Than I traveled for 1,5 months, moved to Saint-Petersburg and became Independent Journalist. This year resulted in 7 travel documentaries, 17 visited countries, 33 published articles and 36 flights. And now, time for this blog to come to life –  sharing my travel tips with public. It’s my words about our World. You are Welcome! 🙂