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Moscow: The chances are.

I have a friend who wouldn’t dare to live or even visit Moscow. He always finds a reason to skip a trip to Russian capital. And he has been doing it successfully for over 40 years. I also was this kind of person. Thinking about Moscow, I imagine something crowded, grand and red. The same feeling I had about National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv. While I was denying a single chance of studying there, a destiny had its own opinion and made me a student of “red University”. I am afraid the history is repeating, but instead of University, Moscow joins my game this time . What are my chances to win? Continue reading

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Hong Kong: New Year, new life


This time we wanted to avoid New year craziness. So we were thinking about China, where they celebrate this holiday not on 31th of December, but later. But emotionally we were not ready yet for such an exotics. The answer came out spontaneously – Hong Kong! It is Asian enough, too modern to feel like a stranger and too English to be lost in translation. But who could think that this celebration I would never forget.
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