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Moscow: the African Renaissance


Photo by Natalia Maiboroda

It is not easy to enter this mansion, located in the center of Moscow. Because this place is owned by Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Which means that without a permission you are not welcome. But I did all the bureaucratic work for you. So now you can make a virtual excursion inside one of the coolest houses in Moscow.     Continue reading

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Sochi: Christmas mood


Caucasus, Russia. Photo by Natalia Maiboroda

It is hot in Moscow. In Saint-Petersburg, where I will celebrate New Year 2017, it is raining. In Alps there is no snow. If your Christmas mood depends on the weather, like my mood, you should go to Sochi.  Continue reading

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Moscow: into the wild emotions


South Sandwich Islands. Chinstrap penguins (Pygoscelis antarctica) on an iceberg located between Zavodovski and Visokoi islands. South Sandwich Islands. 2009. Photograph by Sebastião SALGADO / Amazonas images

The word “genesis” means origin. In the first book of the biblical scriptures called “The book of Genesis”, this term refer to creation of the Earth. Legendary Magnum photographer Sebastiao Salgado called his exhibition “Genesis” to show us Earth like it used to be in old times. With his work he makes us back to the roots. But isolated places on Salgado’s photographs do not scare with its wildness. For me they rather reflect the background of Brazilian-born photographer – pure and emotional.

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My first exhibition

Dear friends,

I would like to invite you to my first personal photo exhibition!

Maiboroda Photography

Artists used to say, that any work they create is like their own child. In such a case I am mother of many children. Seven of them are hanging on the black walls in Moscow’ center, in Cafe Receptor (B. Kozihinsky lane, 10) till 20th of June..
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Moscow-Istanbul: a jump to new life

Every girl dreams about a perfect wedding. But not me. I never wanted to get married and my friends can proove that I was against any weddings in my life. But I just met a right person, who changed my mind. And without any special preparation or efforts we got a perfect red-letter day on 14th of September. We choose a restaurant quite fast, we picked our rings and honeymoon destination without thinking. But the only one I wanted the most, apart from my husband, was a car. Once I saw it in one Moscow’s street I desired it for our important event. It was an old (designed in 1988) Russian mini-car called Oka. Yes, the one with only 2 doors. But that one was covered with colorful knitted blanket, that reminded me some kind of fairy tale. And I wanted to have it in our own story. Continue reading

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Travel with Mr. Coppola.


 Sometimes a particular meeting can inspire even more, than any  traveling. After yesterdays interview with Francis Ford Coppola in Moscow I realized how true it that statement. Talented director presented me a trip to the cinema world. An audience traveled with maestro to Romania, USA and Argentina just in hour and a half. Continue reading

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Moscow: The chances are.

I have a friend who wouldn’t dare to live or even visit Moscow. He always finds a reason to skip a trip to Russian capital. And he has been doing it successfully for over 40 years. I also was this kind of person. Thinking about Moscow, I imagine something crowded, grand and red. The same feeling I had about National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv. While I was denying a single chance of studying there, a destiny had its own opinion and made me a student of “red University”. I am afraid the history is repeating, but instead of University, Moscow joins my game this time . What are my chances to win? Continue reading

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