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Together with Spanish company Zemia Media we created a series of 13 travel documentaries called “Traveline” (55 minutes long) and 6 episodes of 13-min long films “24 hours“. Our travel documentaries can be seen on Russian TV channels called Телепутешествия and Телепутешествия HD, as programms with a title “24 Часа” and “Евротур”. Some extracts from our work can be seen also here.


In 55 minutes the viewer will discover the best of chosen countries: towns, Natural parks, monuments, cuisine, parties, people etc. Following the hints and itinerary of the host, you can also get everything needed for preparing your own trip in any of filmed European destinations.

1) Estonia

What to do in Northern country in winter? It was actually not boring and cold, as I thought. We discovered medieval capital Tallinn with its mysterious legends, border town between EU and Russia called Narva with tremendous Russian and Estonian fortresses on both sides of the river, we jump into childhood due to quite an interesting sportkiiking’(swing 360 degrees going over the spindle). Wife carrying is another sport in the country and a way to warm you up. In March/April they have so-called ‘fifth season‘ in the Soomaa National Perk, where due to the water melting the park reminds Venice. The real surprise for me was that such a small country has more than  1,500 islands! We visited the biggest one,  Saaremaa, which is famous due to its meteorite craters Kaali.

One of the weirdest sports I have even tried. Kiiking remind childish joy, but indeed it is not!


This is how the highest point of Estonia looks like. Literally, Suur Munamägi meas ”the Egg Hill”. The video is also how we finished the episode about Estonia :


2) South Portugal

 First they showed me black Iberian pigs, than they feed me with one of those. It was a nice relax in a farm in the Portuguese region called Alentejo. But it was quite difficult to find their place driving on dirt road at night.

3) North Portugal

4) Malta

5) The Microstates


We are following the Formula 1 track by… foot. It is much smaller that I imagined!

San Marino:

6) Provence

Here you can laugh at my funny dance:)


7) Bavaria

I must admit we were the only one not drunk in the Anniversary Oktoberfest. 200 years of beer history made Munich’s main event one of the most recognizable in the world.

The finish of the Romantic Road is Neuschwanstein castle and wonderful scenery of Alps. The video shows the beauty of the area and share with advices from an Asian tourist.

8 ) The Basque country

When it’s not raining, the Basque coast is really worth a visit. For me it was very impressive to be in Gernika. This town remains on the legendary paining by Picasso.

Between French and Spanish territory of The Basque Country starts one of the most famous European hiking trails, called Saint James’ Way. I made just a part of its 700 km long route from snowy mountains to the sunny coast.

A short video to reveal the secret recipe of Idiazabal cheese:

9) Iceland

One of my favorite part of the documentary and places in Iceland. The biggest glacier of Europe:

My way to the most desirable volcano, Hekla.

Some lesson about Icelandic Gods and beliefs.

The most touristic part of Iceland is Golden Circle: the impressive waterfall Gullfoss, hot Geysers and the place where Europe separates with America in National Park of Thingvellir.

How I am eating the meat of a whale:

10) Montenegro

Do you know that  Southern Europe has its own fjord? Kotor Bay is  the only “fjord” in the Mediterranean and one of the favorite places for the writer I like, Milorad Pavich.

One of my favorite place in the country, Durmitor! The National Park is totally contrast to the coastal Montenegro, even being only few hours away from here.

A tour around Scadar lake and a stop just in between Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo.

Why we took a railway? Cos it’s the best way to avoid  windy and scary mountain roads, it is comfortable way to cross the country in few hours and it goes through the highest railway bridge of Europe.

 11) Serbia

A ride in a vintage train on Sargan 8-shaped railway with a view to Mr. Kusturica’s village and in a company of Serbian feminists.

A spectacular Danube river, huge Djerdap National park and peeing turtle.

The night life in Serbia is famous for the disco on boats and strange clubs One of it is made in former church:

In the museum dedicated to a genius and mysterious person Nicola Tesla I likes artificial lightning. It is very impressive, but after the experiment I almost became a deaf.

12) Canary Islands

Everyone knows about Cesar Manrique in Lansarote. He made his own house inside lava fields, a water-pool in lava bubble and put a concert hall in the lava cave. My admirable places of the Route of artist Manrique.

Some language lesson here:) Silbo is more a whistle, than a talk. In the past it used to help to transfer information quick and in every corner of extremely hilly Gomera island.Today Silbo included in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

13) Ukraine

Very charming cave fortress Chufut Kale in Crimea and too young me:) Also a shot of Balaklava, a spectacular inlet with a Soviet submarine, which was a secret strategic object and didn’t exist on the maps.

24 Hours.

If you have only 24 hours in one of the following European cities, this episode is for you.

1)   24 Hours in Tallinn

2)  24 Hours in Porto

3)  24 Hours in Valencia

4)  24 Hours in Valletta

5)  24 Hours in Bergen

6) 24 Hours in Copenhagen

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